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High Court

The High Court is the third highest Court in the hierarchy of the Superior Courts. Judges who sit in the High Court are referred to as Justices of the High Court.

It is duly constituted by a single Judge, unless the Court is required to sit with jurors or assessors. It has original jurisdiction in all civil and criminal matters. It also has appellate jurisdiction in appeals from the District Court and criminal appeals from the Circuit Court. It has supervisory jurisdiction over all lower Courts in the country.

It has exclusive jurisdiction for the enforcement of the Fundamental Human Rights enshrined in the 1992 Constitution. It is located throughout the regional capitals in Ghana. 

Physical address
Judicial service of Ghana, P.O Box GP 119, Accra, Law court complex Accra, Tel: (+233) 0302-663951, 663954, 666671, Tel: (+233) 0302-748100, 748101, 748102


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