Ghana Gazette Vol. No. 16 (28 January 2019)

Notice of Publication of an official bulletin
The Narionul Monday Special Lotto results
The N;ltional Lucky TlIesd;IY Lotto Results
The National Mid-Week l.ouo Results .
The National fortune Thursday Lotto Results
The National Friday non;lnl':1 Lotto Results
The National We.:ckly Lotto Results
The National Monday Special Lotto Result-
The National Lucky Tuesday Lotto I{esults
The National Mid-Week Lotto Rcxulis .
The National l-ortune Thursday Lotto I{esults
The Nntionu] I'll day BOI1;lIu.a Lotto Results
The National Weekly Lutt(l Results
Licence 101 the Cclcbruuon of M;liTiages--Publlc Place of Worship (Iutcruatinnal Vision Church
(Vision House Ministries), New Weija, Old Harrtcr)
Licence 1"01·the Cclcbruuon of Marriagcs-Publlc PL1CC 01· Wmship (Liberation Chapel lutcruatlnn a l,
'lew Weija S.CC)
Licence 101 the Celebration of MCllli'lges-Publ ic Place 01· Worship (The Church of Pentecost,
Bethel Assl'lIIhly, Kcjailil.) 
Licence (or the Celebration of M;IrIi'lges-PlIbl ic Place ut· Worslup (God is OUI- Light,
Rhcrua Church lutcruatinu al, Arlum Bansu) 
Licence 101· the Cclcbratioll "f" Marriages-Public Place of" Worship (The Church of Pcn u cust ,
Hea hu CcntT;t\;\sscmhly, Beahu)
Licence lor the Celebration of" MalTiages -Public Place of Worship (The Church of Pentecost,
Yalriw Assembl~', Yn hiw)
Licence fix thc Celebration of" M,lITiages-PlIbllc PI:ICC or Worship (Th« Chun.:h of Pentecost,
Egyam Assembly, Egyam) 
Appointment 01· Marriage Officers (Shekinah Avenue, Ogbojo) 
Appointment or Marriage Officers (Strung Faith Fuuuly Chapel International, Accra)
Apponnncnt ora MalTiagc Omen (I.cgon Interrlcnomiuatinnal Church, Accra) 
Ga7erre Notice -Relums on Assets and Liabilitics of Rank of Ghana as at 31st December, 20l8
(j;v.eUc Notice - Ministry of Finance-Petroleum Receipts and DisU·ibutiulI Report for 4th Quarter for 2018 
Gazellc Notice Rcgistnll·s of Lands
Change of names 
Change of Date or Birth
Confirmation of" Date or Birth 
Change or Places or Birlh 
Change of name of a Head of family

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