Ghana Gazette Vol. No. 62 (19 July 2013)


i Notice of Publication of a Bill
Notice of Publication of Legislative Instruments
Notice of Publication of an Official Bulletin ..
Licence for the Celebration of Marriages—Public Place of Worship (Ref. (The Church of Pentecost,
Kwapong Chapel, Kwapong)
Appointment of Marriage Officers (Christ Family Crusaders Church, Dome)

Appointment of a Marriage Officer (Christ Family Crusaders Church, Dome) 
Appointment of a Marriage Officer (Gethsemani Spirit Divine Ministry) 
National Petroleum Authority—Petroleum Product Price Build-Up 
Gazetting of Returns on Assets and Liabilities of Bank of Ghana as at 30th June, 2013 
Change of Names 
Change of Dates of Birth 
Change of Name of a Church 

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