Ghana Government Gazette dated 2017-08-25 number 85


P u b lis h e d b \ A u t h o r ii\
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No 85 FRIDAY. 25TH AUGUST 2017


I iiciivv lor the Celebration ol Marriages—Public Place ot Worship (International C entral Gospel
( hurch, kratos Temple)

Lu-cncc for the Celebration of Manyages—Public [Mace of W orship (Ornament of Grace Church,

I iccncc tor the Celebration ot Marriages—Public Place of Worship (St. James \nglican Church,
An\aa.f 1548

\ppomtmcnt of a Marriage Officer (Destin> Temple of The Adonai International Minesti i»*s.

\ppomtmem of a Marriage Officer (Asodwee Ne Bohve Asase Ministries, Accra )

( io/ cUc Notice—License to Operate Approved Residential Homes

Change ol Names 155"
C hanuv of Dates of Birth 15<^
' hangc of Name of a Queenmothcr 1^08