Ghana Government Gazette dated 2003-10-31 number 49


Published by Authority

No. 49 FRIDAY, 31st OCTOBER 2003

Notice of Publication of Acts 336
Notice of Publication of a Bill 336
Notice of Publication of Official Bulletins 336
The National Mid-Weekly Lotio Results 336
The National Weekly Lotto Results 336
Licence for the Celebration of Miimagcs—Public Place of Worship (Ref. Solid Rock Baptist
Church, Community 2, Tenia) 337

Licence for the Cclcbralion of Marriages—Public Place of Worship (Ref. 1'rinity Faith
Ministries International, Abeka) 337

Appointment of Marriage Officers—(United Bethel Pentecostal Ministry) 337

Change of Names .. 337
Change of Dale of Birth 338